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Thats the translation of the foundation name AGIR ou SUBIR? .
I have been sailing on the Bassin d'Arcachon since I learn to walk...and swim.
This exeptional site is nearly what it was 50 years ago but...is in danger.
We are now too many and the silly environemental attitudes we could have had on the past cannot continue.
Two options. Each of us has to ACT to preserve it or SUFFER what the authorities will vote as rules.
That's why I decided to settle this association and to build an Oister sailing boat integrating all what is
condidered as fair construction.
Electric engine, solar cells, black waters, wood without chemical treatment , clean paint etc....
This boat is now under construction. You can check the photo album.
Shew will be launched in april 2009.
Her name... Le Voyageur.

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